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Jewelry Care 101

Taking care of your jewelry

These pieces of jewelry are tiny in comparison to the Universe, and they deserve the best of care. Whether you bought dangling earrings, piercings or dainty chains, it’s important to take care of your jewelry. Even though our jewelry is made of robust 304 stainless steel (bars), 925 sterling silver and/or 18K gold-plated and are water-resistant, we’d like to give you some tips so you can keep your jewelry looking new infinitely. 


Be careful with your jewelry, especially in the shower or bath!

First and foremost, avoid contact with any lotions, soaps, bath gels, etc. as much as possible, including perfumes, creams, makeup, and other chemical products.Why?Because these products can leave streaks or buildup on your jewelry between the stones and their setting. In order to keep your jewelry shining bright, avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower. Just like creams, soap can leave buildup and embed in the delicate crevasses of your jewelry. If you decide to shower or bathe with your jewelry, rinse and dry it with a soft, dry towel after your shower. 


Can I clean my jewelry?

Yes you can! It’s really easy: let your jewelry soak in warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Then rinse your jewelry and dry with a soft cloth, lightly rubbing to remove any residue.  In between cleanings, don’t hesitate to lightly rub your jewelry with a jewelry cloth. And that’s all there is to it!  


Take off your jewelry before cleaning it 

 I can’t count the number of times that I’ve accidentally dropped an earring or earring back only to have it roll down the drain. So make sure you use a stopper or close the drain before you remove and clean your jewelry. You’ll thank us later! If you have a vanity, even better.

The key word for cleaning and storing your jewelry is solitude. It’s a good idea to keep your jewelry separate while cleaning and storing them so you avoid them getting tangled, scratched, or damaged. Keeping each piece in theNébuleusedrawstring pouch provided at purchase will protect them from getting lost or scratched. Even better, use one of our jewelry boxes available righthere


 Drift off to sleep...jewelry-free

Some of our jewelry is so light that you might even forget you’re wearing them! But don’t forget to take it off before going to bed to make sure your chains or hooks don’t get caught on your clothes, tangled, or damaged in any other way!